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<Learning to Breathe (2005) Acrylic on canvas

Nose (2008) Oils on canvas

Improbable Existence (2009) Oils


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  1. brittany permalink
    2009/11/07 7:57 AM

    i love this painting. it reminds me of that saying ‘to have your head in the clouds’.

  2. Elaine permalink
    2010/01/18 5:04 AM

    It’s been a long day, but I have to say seeing “Nose” made me smile.

  3. Christine permalink
    2010/01/20 4:34 AM

    Wow, I love these paintings, did you paint them?

    They are beautiful. The middle one reminds me of myself and evokes so m any thoughts.

    Keep me posted!

  4. kate permalink
    2010/01/20 7:51 AM

    the first one is particularly amazing

  5. 2010/02/13 1:58 PM

    i like the first one, so much expressing

  6. Audge permalink
    2010/06/10 12:07 AM

    loving the subtle richness of the “white” of Improbable existence. and your ‘Influences’ page.

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